Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tiger Returns, Earth continues to rotate!

Tiger Woods is coming back to golf!

Which begs a plethora of questions...starting with: how will he do?

Can this man, who was able to compartmentalize to such an extent that he was Player of the Year while juggling a huge endorsement career, a family, a charitable foundation and, oh yeah, nigh a score of mistresses simultaneously, get back to form?

Will a return to his Buddhist roots give to him inner peace and at the same time allow him to access the killer instinct he so deftly showed while trodding the tees?

Will the Accentures, the AT&Ts and Gatorades forgive and take back their Prodigal Son at what I'm guessing could be bargain-basement prices?

Here's another question...in the great scheme of things, the big picture if you will, does it even matter?

So, the nation's unemployment numbers just got reduced by ONE! How does that affect all the others struggling just to make ends meet.

The economy is better, but does anyone think we're completely out of the woods?

Moody's is deciding whether or not to continue to bestow to the USA and the lion's share of Europe's economies its AAA rating.

And then, there's still Haiti. And Chile. And Darfur. And, to a lesser extent, individuals whose houses were flooded by a late winter deluge.

There are billions of people on the planet that aren't hanging on to every syllable of Tiger's announced return.

What would Jesus do? What does Elin think?

Of course, viewers will tune into CBS by the millions. Such is human nature, especially in our culture fixated as it is on celebrity and the cult of personality.

I, too, will be watching. Because I'm human. I hope to balance that by doing what little I can to help the crises chronicled above.

Maybe we can all do the same!

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